My PSP review.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 24, 2007 12:53 am    Post subject:  My PSP review. Reply with quote

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It is my very first review I have ever written, peroid. Let me know what you think.

PSP System

When you think of handheld or portable gaming systems, the first thing that comes to mind is the Nintendo Gameboy. The Gameboy has been a staple of handheld gaming since the early 90’s. However, on March 3rd 2005, Sony sought to break Nintendo’s hold on the market by releasing its first gaming handheld, the PSP. It is the first handheld system to utilize compact discs, in the form of UMDs, instead of cartridges (UMD stands for Universal Media Disk), making it more than just your standard gaming machine.

The Playstation Portable is a sleek black system (now available in white). It is designed with simplicity in mind. Giving you the option of using your basic digital direction pad or an analog joystick (best described as a nub). However, unlike the dual shock controllers, it only has one analog stick, but retains the four face buttons. The volume control is at times hard to pinpoint in the midst of gaming in the dark, the screen more than makes up for it. Displaying an almost LCD like picture it is by far the best screen on any handheld ever. It isn’t without its shortcomings, with the aforementioned volume issues, the analog “nub” can at times stick in place, causing your game to move in one direction. It also uses a memory stick which is awfully tiny and easily misplaced. The memory sticks comes in different sizes, giving the consumer plenty of options pending on what they need.

How is the gaming library you ask? Well…that depends. While the library has a decent of amount of games, it doesn’t have any of the first party titles that Nintendo can offer. There are a good amount of games to feed your gaming hunger however. From the GTA series to Metal Gear Solid, Sony didn’t pull any expense when it came to porting (for lack of better word) over more of the proven games from its more popular system, Playstation 2. With the cost of most games a few bucks more than that of the DS games it would be hard pressed to find a reason not to take a step into PSPs direction. In addition to gaming it also allows you to watch feature length movies on the go.

How many of you have an MP3 player? How many of you have a blackberry? Or a laptop even? If you answered no to any of these the PSP might entice you all the more. While not a traditional blackberry of laptop in the truest sense the PSP comes awfully close. It allows you to transfer music and movies from your PC. Those familiar with PCs are probably aware of emulators. Emulators give the PSP the edge of DS by itself. If you are tech savvy you can download and then transfer emulators to your PSP. Giving you a multitude of gaming options, be it from playing SNES or Sega CD all on your PSP (though nothing beats owning the original game).

All in all when it comes to choosing which handhelds is right for you, the safest bet is to do the research. Decide which system you want and what you want out of your system. The PSP is an ambitious step in the right direction but it is not without its flaws. With a growing library and an almost a user based limited to what you can do with this handheld the PSP system is one most everybody should check out. It costs more the DS but you get a lot of value out of that cost.

PSP System Rating 7/10

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